The Best Way to Communicate Securely & Privately with Clients

Recent events make it clear that email is not a secure method for confidential business communications. Privātim is the private, secure, and dependable solution for every business professional.

Privatim is ideal for:

  • Financial professionals

  • Attorneys

  • Accountants

  • CEOs, CFOs, and COOs

Improve Communication, Eliminate Errors

Avoid mistakes and forwarding documents/communications to the wrong parties.

  • Managed Recipient List

Each communication requires a unique send list, eliminating the opportunity to accidentally send to an unintended recipient

  • Private Channels

Organize recipients by matter, project, or deal

  • No Learning Curve

If you can login to your computer, you can use Privātim

  • Invite Clients

In less than 10 seconds

  • Automatic Notifications

In less than 10 seconds

Unrivaled Security

Sensitive communications have never been safer.

  • SSL Encryption

Every communication occurs over an encrypted, secure connection

  • Device Authentication

Verification required for logins from new computers or smartphones

  • Database Encryption

Safeguarding client data

  • Two Factor Authentication

Optional login verification code sent to your device